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X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY

An issue with my Comcast issued X1 Set-Top Box prevented my family and I from watching TV last night.  We are shown the error code RDK-03004. We had called Comcast support phone line and after waiting for 45 min’s got no help at all.  They just wanted to schedule a tech to come out to our house (good trick I must say to get someone on site and charge you)

I engaged the support chat (transcript will follow) and search the online and found several people having this type of issue. I’ve even located a post that gave instruction on what to do, however this did not work

Instructions: ComcastCares on Twitter

To restore your X1 service,unplug the cord on the X1 box from the electrical outlet.Wait 30sec before plugging the cord back into the outlet.

Thanks but that does not resolve the issue I am facing but wastes about 10 min’s time for the unit to power back up and only fail with the same error status code.

So I did some digging of my own to locate how to get into the X1’s Diagnostics area

To enter the The X1 Platform Diagnostics Page:

  1. Hold down Exit button for 5 seconds
  2. Press the down arrow twice
  3. Push the number 2 button

That brings up diagnostics  screen. Use arrows to navigate. Exit button to exit.

After checking the diagnostics of my box I noticed the all seemed operational, until I noticed the unit no longer was assigned an IP Address .

I mentioned this to support and they still had me troubleshoot, but I was pleased that they did admit that the issue I am facing seem to be on their end and not mine.


My support chat transcript:


CHAT ID: 08CB623D-EA6E-499F-9FC8-263DE4880DAF
Problem: X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY
Michael John > Hello JERMAL_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Michael John. Please give me one moment to review your information.
JERMAL_ > My Issue: X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY
Michael John > It is a pleasure to have you on chat. How are you doing today?
JERMAL_ > I did the following: Hold down Exit button for 5 seconds, hit down arrow twice, push 2 button
JERMAL_ > all diags check out just fine it seems there is an issue in my area can you confirm this?
JERMAL_ > in fact the box itself doesn’t seem to be acquiring an IP address
JERMAL_ > I have been down for the last 3 hours
JERMAL_ > I have done all the normal steps power off, on unplug etc
JERMAL_ > I am not your standard customer I am a tech i need for someone to look into this ASAP
JERMAL_ > In fact everyone in my area with comcast seems to be facing similar issue
Michael John > Please let me help with that. Rest assured I will do my best to help you with your concern today.
Michael John > I will be asking a few questions to properly isolate the issue.
Michael John > How many boxes are affected
JERMAL_ > ALL thank you now address the info i have already provided to you please
Michael John > Let me access your account so I can check the status of the equipment and to see what is going on.
Michael John > By the way, thanks for verifying the account when you logged in to chat.
Michael John > Would you be kind to give me a minute or two while I check?
JERMAL_ > Do as you wish i need a resolution to this incident
JERMAL_ > your pre-scripted interaction isn’t helping the issue
JERMAL_ > in fact i see it as a stall tactic ; can you validate if there is or isn’t an outage in my area
Michael John > I am sorry if you feel that way However, inorder for me to better help you with your concern, I would need to check first on the account.
Michael John > I will now check.
Michael John > While waiting, did you know with your Comcast TV subscription, you will be able to access TV shows online through your PC, smartphone and tablet? You can also manage your account online. To learn more, please visit
JERMAL_ > Or has all my X1 boxes and those of my neighbors suddenly failed
Michael John > Thanks for waiting. I have the account pulled up.
Michael John > I will be performing a health check. A quick diagnostic check to detect any possible problems with the service.
JERMAL_ > or perhaps the network has been compromised by a virus and has crippled our boxes via a DDOS attack of some nature
JERMAL_ > I have run that check
JERMAL_ > READ what i initially wrote
JERMAL_ > My time is very valuable and you are wasting it, answer my questions I have asked above please.
Michael John > I am still completing the health check. This will reveal if there is an outage in the area or if services are down in your area.
Michael John > As I have checked, there is no outage in your area. Also, we have not received any information or reports about other customers in your area that are affected.
Michael John > We will need to perform some troubleshooting.
JERMAL_ > did you run the test on my box
JERMAL_ > my cable X1 box
Michael John > RDK error means the box has lost contact to the server.
JERMAL_ > plz confirm the MAC address please
Michael John > Yes, the health check did that that I have just performed on the equipments.
JERMAL_ > yes it has lost contact because it currently does not have an IP address
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:71:01:BB .
JERMAL_ > which i have informed you of
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:14:CB:D9
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:14:CB:D9
Michael John > Oh, sorry about that. The smileys popped up instead of the characters.
Michael John > I will send signals to the boxes to try to reestablish connection.
JERMAL_ > it seems that remote server or dhcp server / relay is down
Michael John > Yes, it appears to be the case.
Michael John > I will reset the boxes now.
Michael John > The signal I have sent to the box will turn it off. It will automatically turn back on. Let me know if it responded.
JERMAL_ > I will do so, as i am sitting in front of it now
JERMAL_ > i am in the diag menu system this is how i am able to check signal on my end and see there is no address assigned
Michael John > I have sent the signal. Did the box respond?
JERMAL_ > still waiting
JERMAL_ > i can issue the reboot STB from this end if needed
JERMAL_ > in fact i just did
JERMAL_ > I am at the “Welcome to the X1 Platform – powering up…” screen
JERMAL_ > “boot” is on the STB display — waiting
Michael John > Okay.
JERMAL_ > Now the STB displays CAST
JERMAL_ > No change yet (TV displays Connecting to your entertainment experience) | Still waiting
JERMAL_ > And now we are back at the RDK-03004 screen
Michael John > Yes, that will take sometime.
Michael John > Did you unplug the box from the power outlet?
JERMAL_ > earlier when this issue 1st occurred – yes
Michael John > Please try it one last time.
Michael John > Kindly unplug the power cord from the back of the box. Wait for a minute and then plug it back in.
JERMAL_ > doing this now’
JERMAL_ > done —
JERMAL_ > I will now return power to the unit – 2 + min’s time has passed
JERMAL_ > Make that 3 min’s — powering on now
JERMAL_ > We are once again at the connecting to your entertainment ….
Michael John > Oka.
Michael John > **okay
Michael John > How is it now, Jermal?
Michael John > Is it still the same?
JERMAL_ > Yes we are back at the RDK-03004
Michael John > Okay.
Michael John > I will need to escalate this issue you have to our engineers check this on the servers end. They will be investigating on this further. Issues like this can be fixed remotely. This may take at least an hour to 24 hours to complete.
Michael John > May I have a good call back number? The engineer who will be working on this may need to reach out to you for additional details.
JERMAL_ > sure – 609-xxx-xxxxx (best time to call 9AM -5PM EST.
JERMAL_ > I will unplug the box for the night and attempt to power on in morning
JERMAL_ > as its 12AM here and I will be heading off to sleep
Michael John > Okay. That would be okay as well.
Michael John > I have here a ticket number: CR449672621
JERMAL_ > i have 5 others in my area also affected by this
Michael John > This will track the issue you have.
JERMAL_ > this is why i am very confident its a system wide issue
Michael John > I understand. In case you need to follow up, you can use the ticket number.
Michael John > I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.
JERMAL_ > No thanks and thank you

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I found out that the X1 box has to be connected directly to the cable outlet from the wall. No splitter can be used and routers can’t be connectedto the DVR. I had to move my route to a different cable outlet and that is when to box began to communicate with the server.

I had this issue and all my connections were home-runs from the ped outside my house.
I was issued a credit later on as it was found to once again be a Comcast / Xfinity Issue.

I found out that the X1 box has to be connected directly to the cable outlet from the wall. No splitter can be used and routers can’t be connectedto the DVR. I had to move my router to a different cable outlet and that is when thebox began to communicate with the server.

Thanks Jermal-I likely didn’t lose all IPs, but was able to reset the one offending box once I got to the secret diagnostics. Your transcript was amusing only because I have had many, many, sigh, many conversations just like that. Thanks.

I shared my transcript because I have had many conversations with their support and they all seem so scripted. Its frustrating. The call queues seems to be designed to force your to wait. I know its possible as I have worked on PBX systems where the client has asked it to be setup in such ways.

Grrrrrrrrr… yeah thanks for reading my post and I am glad if it has helped and even entertained you.

Best Regards, Jermal

I had this error code from day 1 after switching out my old DVR boxes to X1. This went on for 6 months and changing out boxes a half dozen times. Service tech came out about 6 weeks ago and switched out boxes again and also changed out the splitter amplifier module. Errors were still coming up and the menu guide was indicating weak signal. Last week, I spent 45 minutes on 4 attempts to reboot. Called Comcast to get service Tech to check outside lines. Tech reported that signal to the house was perfect and signal at the boxes were within spec. Asked to see the splitter amplifier and informed me that it was the wrong type for this application as it should have been a “zero in, zero out”. After replacing this amplifier with correct module, all is good!!!

in my area they seem to have over built out the network without the proper infrastructure and use amplifiers all over on the outside lines. this may have been my issue as they had been doing work about 4 blocks from my area and seeing that when I had this issue many of the people around me were having this same issue on and off.

You nailed it Doug! Finally after months of having signal issues with our X1 box (and not getting results from Xfinity) we went out and purchased an HDTV splitter and it works. Problem solved, thank you.

Have been experiencing the same issue intermittently over the last few weeks. After reading your post and going into diagnostics, I also discover no IP address. I un-plugged the X1 box then restarted the cable modem then re-plugged the X1 box. Bingo all is well.

I have three X1 boxes. The living room tv was fine this morning. When I got home from work, I had no cable on the living room tv. The other two tvs are fine. My Dad said that there was an Xfinity truck out back, and there was a guy on a ladder between our house and our neighbor’s house. Our neighbors had moved out a while back, and the just put the house on the market. I have a feeling that Comcast was there to disconnect their service, and in doing that a, they did something to our cable.

It’s been 2 days since we’ve had internet or cable, and Comcast CS can’t seem to get it right. First, they told me it was an outage. The 2nd time I called, I was told that it was just my home that had the outage. The 3rd time my husband called, and they told him they will have someone out on Wednesday. I just want this fixed, so I’m going to have to try these few things described above.

OMG! Thank you for inspiring me to figure out my connection problem. Like you I was getting the same error message RDK03004. I received 3 X1 boxes with my order. So I took the box to another TV and it worked, I brought the box back to the problem room and the RDK error again. I took the TV and box to another room and they both worked. So I removed the wall plate and discovered the problem. The connection from inside the wall to the wall plate was loose. I tightened the connection, replaced the wall plate and reconnected the box and TV and it now works.

I am glad to see this issue resolved. I thank you for visiting this notebook/blog site to get additional information which was helpful to you.

– Jermal

Thank u guys for the helpful comments…I’ve had this problem 2 out of the last 3 days and Comcast has been no help…they wanted to send out a technician the next day but they don’t understand I have 4 kids that watch tv…I rehooked my router up in another Rom and it seems to worked for now let a hope for ever lol..thanx again….

Press FF, nothing happens, press it again and again, nothing happens. 90 seconds latrer the DVR starts fast forwarding on its own time. Even better, hit FF, it moves ahead, hit Pause/Play, Nothing Happens, keep hitting that button and after it stops 10 minutes past where you wanted it to, then it goes through the PLAY, no PAUSE, no PLAY, no PAUSE, every time I had pressed the button it goes thru the sequence WHENEVER it wants to.

X1 in my area is worthless. 5 years ago Comcast ran new lines to my house-I am stll attached by telephone pole. No problems with their DVR for over 2 years. Then the price kept going up so I switched to Uverse – the TV/DVR was great, the internet SLOW, but no issues. Went back to Comcast for internet, switched to DirecTV and no problems for over a year until I cancelled Direct, switched to X1 DVR on July 17, and my contact with Comcast looks like the transcript X 3.

It’s your cable, send out the wire guy, its your wiring, no splitters, OK still issues, try and amplifier on us, all the while I’m telling them the Friday everything went out, I passed a truck at 6 AM doing work on my telephone line. Thats the issue I say….,NO, it’s the box. I’m not taking a SECOND box back.

Finally after 3 weeks, an Xfinity truck shows up, tells my wife, ‘we really screwed up your service here. We’re sorry… and everything worked OK for about 9 days. Then again it starts. 3 more calls, Take the box back. Last chance, I waste 90 minutes of my life, switch the box, hook it up, and 45 minutes later wallah- it doesn’t work!

Call Comcast, waste another 50 minutes and it works, that was 2 weeks ag. 6 days later internet is out,l I cant change channels, the FF, REW, PAUSE, Guide, ON Demand WILL NOT WORK I record this so I dont have to watch commercials, but I would save 10 minutes an hour by watching the commercials

BYE BYE Comcast – Uverse internet might be slow and their Reps might be as sleazy as Comcast, but their interface and DVR is worth the slow internet.

We had a technician at our home for over 8 hours trying to set up X1 upgrade. Repeated unscusseful attempts made and kept getting error code RDK03004. Couldn’t get system to work so All new equiptment removed and reinstalled all our old equiptment back again. Terribly disappointing

The Comcast cable feed to your home/apartment are connected to a signal splitter that has separated the X1DVR from the Xi3. They must be on the same splitter so that the signal is not isolated.

Locate your cable closet (might be a Comcast task) and identify the cable going to the X1DVR by turning on the TV and then disconnecting one cable at the splitter. Have your buddy tell you which TV signal stops in the house/apartment when disconnected. Continue until you have identified both units, then put them on the same splitter.

Now you can restart both units inside and all should work.



I am having the exact same issue as you started about 4 hours ago. I did the computer Comcast tech over the computer and they are sending a tech out in four days to check it out. I am afraid that he will not find anything here cause it’s on there said. I am not getting a IP address for my DVR cable box also. I did all the tasks they made you do and nothing.

I will post again when I get more news to see how they fix this. I might call them in the morning to tell them about my issued with no IP address.

Hi. I just got the RDK-03004 error message. I’m not as technically advanced as the rest of you. Any chance someone could tell me how to fix this in laymans terms please?

Had the same problem. I tried unplugging the unit several time to no avail. I went into the secret diagnostics and selected the reboot STB. It seems to be the same thing but it got it working again

I had the same problem, I just got the x1 box and got the error message . I called Comcast who told me everything was ok on there end, they can either send a tech out or I can go back to the store and get another box. I didn’t want to pay the fee for them sending a tech out , so I went back to the store. I got another box and hooked it up and I got the same error message. I then called Comcast again who then told me its the splitter and that the box had to be connected directly to the wall. I did that and it worked. However, I only have one cable outlet. Yes, I live in apartment and only have one cable out let (jack). I’ve tried prior to getting the X1 box to have another outlet installed and was told Comcast does not install them. So I have three rooms and have internet service connected to a splitter all under one cable out let. I checked with a neighbor who also has one jack who came down to check my splitter, he said it was the splitter and to get a new one. I got a new one and all seemed work except for my internet. I unhooked the cable and then the internet works. Either way both cannot work on the same splitter. I have a tech coming out this week. I dont think this will fix the problem unless they install another outlet. Other wise I will have to go back to the old cable box. Not Happy!

How you guys doing ive read all the comments about that error code but mine is RDK 03003. My first x1 box was working fine. I ordered one more and 1 small cable box. The first one stop working after the tech on the phone did something and the 2 new ones started working. I need help cause there not helping me at all. I think she switch the originallly main x1 box to the 2nd one n now the first one is on error. Does anyone have any answers

Posts are very helpfull identifying the problem is not isolated to just my situation. However, maybe I’m missing something, but has anyone discovered the root of the problem and completely resolved it? Comcast tech told me my cable is kinked somewhere and needs to be replaced. Because I buried it in the wall, it’s not such an easy fix. I have at least 50 ft to the splitter. Any suggestions?

I don’t think your cable would bend on its own to the point where signal would fail.

In my case and many in my area the signal was too low or had interference which cause my issues and those of folks around me. I’d look at your splitter (both inside home and out).

Next is to roll the dice and have someone come out.

I went to social media @twitter and complained to @comcastcares. And in a week I noticed crews in my area working on the cable lines (( all underground )) .

I hope this info helps and good luck to yoi.

I need help my cable isn’t connecting and I only have one cable box in my living room I got the error sign berly today saying something isn’t right and it says to check my outlest and everything so I did what it says but it never worked is there another way to fix it?

I’m getting an error message at 1:30 in the morning saying to make sure cables are connected securely and then unplug the box to reboot it. Tried that to no avail. Then realized my Internet is out too. I’m pretty sure I’m having this same problem as everyone who commented here, but what’s different for me is this isn’t a brand new X1 system. We’ve had X1 for a while with very few issues, and recently upgraded 2 boxes in the house for voice remote compatability. For about a week, no problems at all. This seems to have happened all of a sudden. What’s stranger, along with Internet being dead, the cable is out in all rooms but one with a new box. Telephone is also out. I’m attempting a reboot after unplugging everything for 10 minutes.

I had the same. Code. I followed your instructions to get into the X1 platform diagnostic screen. I went to Reboot STB and it worked immediately.

I have been having the same problem as everyone. IT’S RIDICULOUS FRUSTRATING!!! After going to bed last night with the cable working and now it’s not!! I have tried everything with no prevails. I don’t know what to do? Went through the whole process of unplugging, rebooting and NOTHING. ITS BEEN 3 HOURS OF THIS JUNK. NEED HELP PLEASE BEFORE I GO INSANE!!

My router for Internet was working fine but not my X1 main box in the living room. I unplugged both for at least 30 minutes. I restarted only the Router in my home office, left my home for 1.5 hours of exercise and came back and it still had not reconnected properly (DHCP server most likely had not properly reissued me a new IP address yet). I left it running for another hour while I went swimming at the pool, came back and the router was not reconnected properly. This time I replugged my X1 main box in the living room and still got the same PSE error showing. I took a shower, got dress for dinner (at least 30 minutes) came back into the living room and my X1 main box was working fine and I had my cable back. I did not verify what my IP address was before I disconnected nor did I check it when I was restarted properly, but I bet it was a DHCP issue the whole time.

I don’t know where all of the above was happening, but I had been experiencing the same problem intermittently until around 7:45 pm 8-2-16 when the 2 X1 boxes I have just would not recover from idk-03004 no matter how many reboots and unplugging cycles I did. Worked with a tech over the phone who insisted there was no outage, she was unable to send a signal AND on her end her system would not let her schedule an appointment for me to have a tech. come out. Started working on twitter with Sean at comcast cares. He said “ComcastCares
I do see that your boxes are offline. I’m seeing a signal issue in the are, but I’m wondering why your internet isn’t affected as well.-Sean”. After this I did lose my internet. I power cycled the modem, internet is back up, but boxes are still in idk-03004 mode. So I have to think that Sean is right that there is a problem in the area. I will update when problem is fixed.

I wanted to update people after I’d waited to make sure the problem was fixed. I had also experienced the RDK-03004 problems(see my orig. posting above)I had a Comcast tech out who had a lot of experience and patience. I had a splitter on my house(outside)that was old and sun worn, and the connectors in the box were old and worn. To make my long story shorter, he was able to do a “home run” on a previously split signal, he replaced the connection and splitter on the worn one. He was able to fix some of the problems within the box, and he used 2 amplifiers for the signal. I can happily say I have not had any problems since! Thank you(the creator of this site). Thank You Comcast I have renewed faith in you.

awesome feedback – I have a like/dislike with Comcast; mostly on the support channels. The tech’s that come out are all excellent; how about having some of those gals/guys manage the level 1 support techs on the phone; that would be wonderful

I have the same issue for a year now RDK-0038 cable freezes I have to shut down am reboot I called comcast the guy told me to go buy a signal booster wtf is that I pay over 200 a month they can’t fix my problem I pay on time they could care less I’m ready to switch X1 still the same comcast bundle of crap!!!!

I have one main tv on the x1 box and then got three other boxes. Two set up fine but the third will not work. I have gone back to Comcast and swapped out boxes but every box does the same thing. Just says Welcome.
Any suggestions?

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I was offered x1 at no charge as long as I have Internet , which I do. After reading all the above – I hesitate to go through all the potential Hassles. Does x1 require physical connection to the modem ? Also, I live in an old building with over 200 units and old wiring. Sounds like I would setting myself up for frustration. What are your opinions ?


You’re the best. Thank you for sharing the info. I had error message RDK03004.
Followed your suggestions, diagnostics , reboot stb.
Worked like charm.
Thanks again.

I drove all the way to the Comcast store and switched to a new box. Brought it back and same error. After checking the splitters and connections inside I decided to check in my garage where the main cable comes in and goes into a splitter. The splitter was almost falling apart; back fell off and broken into pieces barely hanging on to connected cable. I replaced that and all is good now.

I have had an X1 DVR box and additional remote boxes since they first came out years back. Had the usual problems every once in awhile with having to unplug and reboot to get the On Demand functions to work. Other than those issues, my X1 service was GREAT. Then I went to upgrade one of the remote boxes so I could use the NEW voice remote and Netflix options that were not supported on my old remote boxes. Comcast doesn’t charge anymore to upgrade to these new boxes, so why not upgrade to the new equipment, right? BIG MISTAKE! As soon as I switched out the new remote box, half of the tvs in my house stopped working AND the phone and internet went out too! I called Comcast, they couldn’t get it working over the phone so they sent a tech out. After six hours at my home switching out equipment, running new lines, tech couldn’t fix it. Comcast sent out another tech the next day. I have a splitter but that was not the issue. He switched the amplifier out and then was able to get our phone and internet working immediately. He then had to make sure all of our new equipment the tech brought out the day before to switch out was the correct brand for our residential area. Apparently where I live, there are 2 types of equipment they use for different geographic areas- Motorola or SA. (My area is SA). Comcast mailed me the Motorola equipment and that’s why when I plugged it in, everything in my house associated with Comcast went haywire! When I ordered this upgrade equipment from Comcast it was done through my DVR box, not on the phone or at the Comcast office. The problem is that Comcast isn’t checking what type of boxes (Motorola or SA) they are mailing out to customers. If you live an area that needs the SA equipment and they mail you Motorola equipment then as soon as you plug that equipment in, boom everything goes wrong. And you can’t tell what brand of equipment from the new remote boxes. WTH? I lost all of my recorded stuff, which I was told I wouldn’t with the new equipment because now everything is saved from my account in the cloud. This has to be set up by the techs before they disconnect the boxes and they missed this step. My On Demand menu didn’t work so that took another hour for the tech to troubleshoot on the phone with Comcast. If the techs can’t get this stuff working through Comcast Customer Service how the heck to they expect Joe Q. Public to make it work? And they’re mailing you new upgraded equipment that is supposed to be so easy to install. Not so. BOTTOM LINE ADVICE: Go into a Comcast Office to get any new equipment and make sure it is the right brand for your geographic area. Make sure you save all of your recorded programs before old boxes are uninstalled. This was a MAJOR THREE DAY ASS PAIN! I work from home and need internet and phone, which I was out for 3 days. Thank God for my cell phone. Not sure it was worth all the hassle just for Voice Control or Netflix. In the end, Comcast got everything working. Technology can be great but why does it have to be so damn complicated!!!

My case- Got an initial RDK-03004 message last Tuesday, on a set connected to X1 for 18 months with no issues, and had no luck with screen directions to reboot the X1 unit. Tried to address the problem again the next day, and everything worked, woo-hoo!!! Turned the set back on Thursday, RDK-03004 was back. I tried rechecking the connections, resetting the modem and router( set is a Smart Samsung 4k 60″) and X1, but still have the problem. I did reconnect a 6 camera Lorex CCTV system with WiFi connection last week but it has its own DVR. I don’t understand how the X! can work, not work, then work, and now not work all within a four day period. I checked the splitters outside and inside and unless the rather new looking connections are faulty, all seem tight. Anybody have an idea about this dilemma? Thanks to all who have contributed above:)

SO, i actually have managed to create a temporary work around, that will allow you partial service, while you wait for a technician to come.

This is important to note: That you need to schedule for someone to come by, and fix the wiring. Regardless of what they say, its important that they come, and fix the issue. You will not be able to solve it permeantly on your own.

This is for having an internet connection. In my household. The X1 line, and Internet DNS line are one. They come from the Service line, on the post in one singular line. When they reach my house, the line is split. Then in our attic, the line is split again, into one. Then at the coaxil outlet, its split again. To the cable box, and modem.

Its important to understand this, because just unplugging the coxial Line for the tv, will eventually terminate your internet connection. As the line will continue to restart the service, and it will eventually create confusion in the modem (Hence why the second light on the modem is blinking uncontrollably). With out using technical words, that most don’t understand. This is what were aiming for. Having the cable box reach the inititial contact with xfinity.( In other words, booting up to the point that the correct time shows on the cable box). You will not have tv service, but the time is important, as it means their for a moment was some sort of connection with the xfinitity network.( If you look under the modem gateway, you will see that part of the xfinity start up sequence is the time clock. If your not connected to the xfinity time clock, it will display the time as 10:00, in 1970. To get the correct time, Make sure all the cables are connected. Remove the cable that goes into the splitter, inside your home. For around 2 minutes. The plug it back into the wall, with everything connected. As it does its boot up sequence, you will not get cable back, Your internet will however configure correctly. When the cable box shows the time, hit the power button on it. So it will be powered off, and not try and reset itself do to the RDK-03004 error code. The technology will continue to reset itself, to the point of causing your internet to lose service.

By maintaing an internet connection, which this will do. It is not specific to any household, and will remain operation aslong as the xifnity network is not having an outage, and you keep the cable box Turned off.( meaning the blue ring is not active, their is no blue ring, its plugged in and connected to the cables.)

You need to keep it connected to the cables, so that direct line that hits the splitter, doesn’t begin to overload the modem with unnecessary packeted information not necessary to its usage. If you chose to ignore that portion, both services won’t work.

Normally it takes a couple days to get someone to your house. This will allow you to use your home internet, and then be able to use the xfinity application to watch tv and movies.

We had the same problem with X1 box not connecting, spent hours on the phone with same routine with comcast of unplug from the wall…..blah blah blah. Here is how we solved it. Hope this saves someone a lot of time and frustration.

Just plug the cable from your wall directly into the x1box. Then turn on. This will reboot the X1 box. The we hooked cable back to our splitter and turned back on and it was able to connect. It seems like it needs to have a direct connect from x1 box to wall cable to get it to boot up.

I am having the same problem with the 1pst error followed by connection issue. Been trying to chat with Comcast for well over 30 minutes with the connecting to chat time only going up. The last time I had a weak signal the technician connected a COMMSCOPE amplifier (CSAPDU5VP) blaming my signal. Would this be interfering with connection as if it was a router or a splitter? I may kill someone if I spend more than an hour moving my desk and entertainment center to have a technician come out unnecessarily -especially seeing as the last two times they came were little or no help at all. I’ll definitely kill someone if they take my box with all my DVR’d stuff, including North Carolina’s final four and championship game!

I wound up having to do a hard reset from the box by holding the power button until it reset and that solved the problem when unplugging and replugging in did not work.

My X1 boxes has been out all day. Tried calling xfinity and the automated service kept putting me to pay my bill option. So I went and looked up some things to fix it. Tried resetting the internet and didn’t work. So I did the press the exit button for 5 seconds then press the down bottom twice then number 2. Brought me to the diagnostic screen. Did a hard reboot and what do you know my cable is fixed! Thank goodness I didn’t waste my time trying to talk to someone just for them to say they would need to send a tech. Saved me the headache and a 30 minute to an hour useless conversation.

All –

I thought I’d contribute to the thread to help others who may be having similar issues.

Equipment List:

1. Cable Modem -> Xfinity TG1682G internet cable modem (
2. Main DVR Unit -> Xfinity PX0113ANM main cable box (
3. Remote Units -> 2 Xfinity PXD01ANI receivers (
4. Amplifier -> Commscope CSAPDU5VP 5 port Subscriber Amplifier (
5. MoCa Filter -> PPC MoCA Ground Block PoE Filter, Combo Wave (


Xfinity internet was disconnecting frequently, and the main Xfinity cable box (PX013ANM) was rebooting. Basically, service was going in and out. Neighbors were not having any issues. Called Comcast a number of times. Sometimes they customer service representative could ping (i.e. see) the devices, other times they could not.

Complicating Factors

– Internet was consistently dropping. Great performance, then nothing. Reboot the modem, work for a period, then same issue would repeat
– All of a sudden main cable DVR unit would reboot multiple times per day
– Cable would begin randomly freezing on remote units. I would reboot the remote units, and they would time out, not connect, and display the error: rdk-03036.

I’ll jump to the solution so I don’t bore you to sleep….


After hours (possibly days) of internet research, hair pulling, and deep, deep soul searching, I figured out the issue and now (knock on wood) have a speed demon, high-performance Xfinity network.

1. Make sure your cable line is GROUNDED. This is important. My cable line is grounded using the MoCa filter which is explained in #2 below. Grounding the line really important. Proper grounding reduces noise/static in the cable line which allows the data to perform better. Here is a link explaining the situation: Safety note: You also want to ground the line in the rare situation that the cable line outside gets hit by lightning, sending that dangerous current into your house destroying everything in its path (all electronics and possible your home)

2. Make sure you have a MoCa filter (see equipment list above) installed on your cable line BEFORE any amplifier or splitter. This is very important – also, make sure the directional arrow on the filter points into the house as if data were flowing into your home. NOTE: My MoCa filter is also the ground point. I’ll explain this MoCa pain in the a$$ down below.

3. If you are using the Commscope amplifier, it is really important on where you connect your devices. On my Commscope 5 port, there are four active ports (Out 1 -> Out 4), and one passive port (-4dB VoIP Out). There is also the line IN port (this is where you connect the cable line coming into the house {assuming the MoCa filter is on the other end connect to the main line from the outside cable}), and the Power In port.

– The cable modem MUST be connect to the VoIP Out passive port. This is defined as “passive” since the amplifier does not send any power to it (i.e. amplification). The main purpose is that if your power goes out, and your cable modem has a backup-battery, the phones will still work (i.e. land lines).
– The rest of your cable devices (main DVR, and remote boxes) should be connected to 1, 2, 3, and 4. I’m only using 1, 2, 3. My Main DVR is connected to Port number 1. Also, if you have an open port, you should cap it with an F-Type terminator -> (aka dummy load)

4. Make sure the MoCa communications settings on the Cable Modem/Router is DISABLED!. Using a browser on your home network, go to and login as the Admin. (Note: the default password is “password”). Select Communications, find MoCa and disable it.

5. Unplug all your devices, wait a few minutes and plug them back in. Once they are all up and running, use the Xfinity My Account app on your mobile device, and send a REFRESH single to your system.

If all goes to plan, everything should come back to life. If you still have issues, check the following:

1. Make sure you limit splitters on your cable network. If you have any, and require splitting, please make sure they are high-quality. Also, if you have a one to four, or one to two splitter, and you are not using all the connectors, the ports need to be capped with an f-type male terminator. Otherwise, you lose signal.

2. If you are having internet issues and are using a downstream router, make sure all your Ethernet cables are high quality. I had some old cables where the ends did not fit well, and that was causing internet problems.

3. If you are still having cable issues on the remote boxes, go to the main DVR, grab the remote and perform the following procedure:

– Press and hold the EXIT button for five seconds
– Click the down arrow twice
– Hit the number 2 button

You should be presented with the diagnostics menu. Arrow to the MoCa Diagnostics section and confirm that the MoCa Link Status is set to LinkOn (not NoLink). If this is set to NoLink, then your cable will not work on the remote boxes. Check to make sure the MoCa filter is installed correctly. Also, make sure MoCa is disabled on the cable modem router page.

*** MoCa PITA (Pain in the A$$) ***

So, I learned a lot about MoCa during this exercise. Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (“MoCa”) is the data communications method used by the Xfinity devices to communicate. The remote devices do nothing more than connect to the main DVR for processing. When you are watching cable on a TV connect to a remote PXD unit, all the interaction (guides, internet apps, DVR viewing) is being served by the main DVR unit in the home. All the data is being controlled by MoCa. If you don’t have the MoCa filter connected to your cable line coming into the house, you can get MoCa traffic into your home network which causes congestion and conflict. Hence, there is so much traffic that the devices can’t connect to the right host – your main DVR. By installing the filter, outside MoCa traffic is left outside.

In theory, the MoCa configuration on your Comcast router should not impact the performance of your cable devices. However, when I had it on, I had internet and cable problems. By making sure the filter was installed correctly, and MoCa was OFF on the router, the system worked perfectly.

I hope this helps and saves at least one person some time and headaches.

Good luck!

Eliminating the splitter for my two X1 boxes and connecting directly into the cable outlets in two rooms has solved the issue with my X1 signal…. for now. It’s strange because for 3 weeks after I got the boxes my previous setup using the splitter had no issues. Then all of a sudden I got this error message when trying to watch tv like every day. Unplugging the power source temporarily solved the problem until the next day when I tried to watch tv again. I have an appt with Comcast to come out to check my signal strength. Hopefully eliminating the splitter will work long term.

Hi…ok maybe this will help someone. If you checked the connections and rebooted 50 times like I did…try this, if you are getting the RDK10000 or the RDK03031. In My up stairs bedroom replaced my X1 box with the new smaller HDMI box and it worked great, then 4 days later I got the dreaded errors. So what got my box back working was this..I unplugged power AND coaxial then plugged in power…waited for the powering up message…and only connected the coaxial during the next flash screen where the three dots move and it tries to connect.. Instantly I got live TV.. And I was good. Hope this helps


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Thank you so much for this post! After three weeks of frustration with Comcast customer service (losing well over 3 hours of my life) and returning the box to have the same result with the new box; I finally have TV in my bedroom again. What idiots! My chat session was probably over an hour long today and Christy said “that’s all I can do”. I said no it’s not; you need to fix this or get a supervisor if you can’t. Imagine that; I copied and pasted your instructions of how to access the diagnostics and told them that’s what I was doing. No MAC and no IP addresses! TV working within 10 minutes of getting a supervisor on the phone. You’re the best for sharing! Thanks again!

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