Richard Branson: My Tips for Happiness in 2018

We all have influencers in our lives; either by choice or organically. It is those set of influential people who help open our minds to new ways of thinking and going about our day-to-day.  I have followed Richard Branson for a long time and truly admin this man.  Today he posted on LinkedIn a open letter […]

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X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY

An issue with my Comcast issued X1 Set-Top Box prevented my family and I from watching TV last night.  We are shown the error code RDK-03004. We had called Comcast support phone line and after waiting for 45 min’s got no help at all.  They just wanted to schedule a tech to come out to our […]

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How to start an argument online

If your looking to start an argument online, all you need to do is follow these simple yet effective steps.  Express an opinion; especially about a heated topic in the media Wait  With these two simple steps you will have an argument in no time. Good Luck

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Unmount local ISO before making it an OVF Template

So you have made an awesome system in VMware ESXi and exported it an OVF Template. Later to find that something has gone very wrong and the template will not import and gives you the following error: If you have encountered this it means that your Template was originally created with a ISO image still attached […]

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Twitter Wants to Start Tracking You

Many sites do it today, why not Twitter right? Today, Twitter announced that they will be experimenting with targeted adds. What this means is they are going to go down the same path as well known sites such as Facebook and track you around the web and share information about you with advertisers. For now […]

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Tonight I am starting something new with my social time online. In addition to praying for those I know and love, I am now praying for those I do not know. Total strangers, people who have no direct influence in my life, nor I in theirs. I am going to make public prayers for those individuals followed by the following  hashtag of #youiprayfor So […]