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X1 Set-Top Box Issues RDK-03004 & RDK-03033

Excellent Comment from one of my previous post: Sharing the information below.  Thanks dude for sharing.   Equipment List: 1. Cable Modem -> Xfinity TG1682G internet cable modem ( 2. Main DVR Unit -> Xfinity PX0113ANM main cable box ( 3. Remote Units -> 2 Xfinity PXD01ANI receivers ( 4. Amplifier -> Commscope CSAPDU5VP […]

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X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY

An issue with my Comcast issued X1 Set-Top Box prevented my family and I from watching TV last night.  We are shown the error code RDK-03004. We had called Comcast support phone line and after waiting for 45 min’s got no help at all.  They just wanted to schedule a tech to come out to our […]