An issue with my Comcast issued X1 Set-Top Box prevented my family and I from watching TV last night.  We are shown the error code RDK-03004. We had called Comcast support phone line and after waiting for 45 min’s got no help at all.  They just wanted to schedule a tech to come out to our house (good trick I must say to get someone on site and charge you)

I engaged the support chat (transcript will follow) and search the online and found several people having this type of issue. I’ve even located a post that gave instruction on what to do, however this did not work

Instructions: ComcastCares on Twitter

To restore your X1 service,unplug the cord on the X1 box from the electrical outlet.Wait 30sec before plugging the cord back into the outlet.

Thanks but that does not resolve the issue I am facing but wastes about 10 min’s time for the unit to power back up and only fail with the same error status code.

So I did some digging of my own to locate how to get into the X1’s Diagnostics area

To enter the The X1 Platform Diagnostics Page:

  1. Hold down Exit button for 5 seconds
  2. Press the down arrow twice
  3. Push the number 2 button

That brings up diagnostics  screen. Use arrows to navigate. Exit button to exit.

After checking the diagnostics of my box I noticed the all seemed operational, until I noticed the unit no longer was assigned an IP Address .

I mentioned this to support and they still had me troubleshoot, but I was pleased that they did admit that the issue I am facing seem to be on their end and not mine.


My support chat transcript:


CHAT ID: 08CB623D-EA6E-499F-9FC8-263DE4880DAF
Problem: X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY
Michael John > Hello JERMAL_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Michael John. Please give me one moment to review your information.
JERMAL_ > My Issue: X1 Error Code: RDK-03004 – Unable to Connect to XFINITY
Michael John > It is a pleasure to have you on chat. How are you doing today?
JERMAL_ > I did the following: Hold down Exit button for 5 seconds, hit down arrow twice, push 2 button
JERMAL_ > all diags check out just fine it seems there is an issue in my area can you confirm this?
JERMAL_ > in fact the box itself doesn’t seem to be acquiring an IP address
JERMAL_ > I have been down for the last 3 hours
JERMAL_ > I have done all the normal steps power off, on unplug etc
JERMAL_ > I am not your standard customer I am a tech i need for someone to look into this ASAP
JERMAL_ > In fact everyone in my area with comcast seems to be facing similar issue
Michael John > Please let me help with that. Rest assured I will do my best to help you with your concern today.
Michael John > I will be asking a few questions to properly isolate the issue.
Michael John > How many boxes are affected
JERMAL_ > ALL thank you now address the info i have already provided to you please
Michael John > Let me access your account so I can check the status of the equipment and to see what is going on.
Michael John > By the way, thanks for verifying the account when you logged in to chat.
Michael John > Would you be kind to give me a minute or two while I check?
JERMAL_ > Do as you wish i need a resolution to this incident
JERMAL_ > your pre-scripted interaction isn’t helping the issue
JERMAL_ > in fact i see it as a stall tactic ; can you validate if there is or isn’t an outage in my area
Michael John > I am sorry if you feel that way However, inorder for me to better help you with your concern, I would need to check first on the account.
Michael John > I will now check.
Michael John > While waiting, did you know with your Comcast TV subscription, you will be able to access TV shows online through your PC, smartphone and tablet? You can also manage your account online. To learn more, please visit
JERMAL_ > Or has all my X1 boxes and those of my neighbors suddenly failed
Michael John > Thanks for waiting. I have the account pulled up.
Michael John > I will be performing a health check. A quick diagnostic check to detect any possible problems with the service.
JERMAL_ > or perhaps the network has been compromised by a virus and has crippled our boxes via a DDOS attack of some nature
JERMAL_ > I have run that check
JERMAL_ > READ what i initially wrote
JERMAL_ > My time is very valuable and you are wasting it, answer my questions I have asked above please.
Michael John > I am still completing the health check. This will reveal if there is an outage in the area or if services are down in your area.
Michael John > As I have checked, there is no outage in your area. Also, we have not received any information or reports about other customers in your area that are affected.
Michael John > We will need to perform some troubleshooting.
JERMAL_ > did you run the test on my box
JERMAL_ > my cable X1 box
Michael John > RDK error means the box has lost contact to the server.
JERMAL_ > plz confirm the MAC address please
Michael John > Yes, the health check did that that I have just performed on the equipments.
JERMAL_ > yes it has lost contact because it currently does not have an IP address
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:71:01:BB .
JERMAL_ > which i have informed you of
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:14:CB:D9
Michael John > 70:B1:4E:14:CB:D9
Michael John > Oh, sorry about that. The smileys popped up instead of the characters.
Michael John > I will send signals to the boxes to try to reestablish connection.
JERMAL_ > it seems that remote server or dhcp server / relay is down
Michael John > Yes, it appears to be the case.
Michael John > I will reset the boxes now.
Michael John > The signal I have sent to the box will turn it off. It will automatically turn back on. Let me know if it responded.
JERMAL_ > I will do so, as i am sitting in front of it now
JERMAL_ > i am in the diag menu system this is how i am able to check signal on my end and see there is no address assigned
Michael John > I have sent the signal. Did the box respond?
JERMAL_ > still waiting
JERMAL_ > i can issue the reboot STB from this end if needed
JERMAL_ > in fact i just did
JERMAL_ > I am at the “Welcome to the X1 Platform – powering up…” screen
JERMAL_ > “boot” is on the STB display — waiting
Michael John > Okay.
JERMAL_ > Now the STB displays CAST
JERMAL_ > No change yet (TV displays Connecting to your entertainment experience) | Still waiting
JERMAL_ > And now we are back at the RDK-03004 screen
Michael John > Yes, that will take sometime.
Michael John > Did you unplug the box from the power outlet?
JERMAL_ > earlier when this issue 1st occurred – yes
Michael John > Please try it one last time.
Michael John > Kindly unplug the power cord from the back of the box. Wait for a minute and then plug it back in.
JERMAL_ > doing this now’
JERMAL_ > done —
JERMAL_ > I will now return power to the unit – 2 + min’s time has passed
JERMAL_ > Make that 3 min’s — powering on now
JERMAL_ > We are once again at the connecting to your entertainment ….
Michael John > Oka.
Michael John > **okay
Michael John > How is it now, Jermal?
Michael John > Is it still the same?
JERMAL_ > Yes we are back at the RDK-03004
Michael John > Okay.
Michael John > I will need to escalate this issue you have to our engineers check this on the servers end. They will be investigating on this further. Issues like this can be fixed remotely. This may take at least an hour to 24 hours to complete.
Michael John > May I have a good call back number? The engineer who will be working on this may need to reach out to you for additional details.
JERMAL_ > sure – 609-xxx-xxxxx (best time to call 9AM -5PM EST.
JERMAL_ > I will unplug the box for the night and attempt to power on in morning
JERMAL_ > as its 12AM here and I will be heading off to sleep
Michael John > Okay. That would be okay as well.
Michael John > I have here a ticket number: CR449672621
JERMAL_ > i have 5 others in my area also affected by this
Michael John > This will track the issue you have.
JERMAL_ > this is why i am very confident its a system wide issue
Michael John > I understand. In case you need to follow up, you can use the ticket number.
Michael John > I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.
JERMAL_ > No thanks and thank you