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Listening to radioPup streams on my PC

radioPup is a personalized radio app designed for mobile devices featuring local radio stations streaming the best music and news available. Covering many genres of the best music the stations have to offer. Best of all its live radio.

But what if you didn’t want to just use your mobile device and prefer using your PC. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” This is where a few bits of software, a little amount of time and the need to share brings this blog post to life.

Software / Apps Used:

  1. radioPup App (Android, or iOS)
  2. Fiddler (installed on PC)
  3. VLC Media Player (installed on PC)

My Steps:

  1. I first installed radioPup on my Android phone and searched for a station I wanted to listen to.
  2. I then installed Fiddler on my PC that will be a proxy for the network request sent from my mobile device. In Fiddler you need to change the proxy settings to allow remote connections. This is done by clicking Tools > Fiddler Options > Connections and under connections check the box that reads “Allow remote computer connections”.
  3. On my mobile device I set the proxy settings to the Network Address of my listening computer and the proxy port used in Fiddler. In my case I am using port 8888
  4. Once configured I was able to see request coming from my mobile device.
  5. In the radioPup app I clicked on the station I wanted and it starts streaming music.
  6. I then go back to Fiddler to see the results.
  7. Here in Fiddler is where you can now copy just the URL of the steam and proceed to VLC
  8. Opening VLC I click in the menu and select Media > Open Network Stream
  9. Now pasting in the URL grabbed from Fiddler and clicking Play I am now able to listen to the station of my choosing on my PC.
  10. Turn the volume up and enjoy.