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Capture Traffic from Smart Devices with Fiddler

This method applies to any device on your network where you can change the values of the network proxy. I sought out this information with the intent to learn how secure are some of the the mobile applications I had been using day to day were. And when I’m sick with a head-cold the mind goes into overtime…

So the questions I had for myself (or you) are. Would someone potentially capture my traffic; are the app’s using SSL of any type, more so are they validating the SSL certificate to ensure that its valid? More on this later, and let just say I’ve very disappointed in some of my favorite app I often use.

To allow Fiddler to act as a proxy and capture network data from devices (or other…):

  1. Start Fiddler on the system you are going to use as your proxy server
  2. Click Tools > Fiddler Options. Ensure Allow remote clients to connect is checked.
  3. After making these changes I noticed I needed to restart the program for it to work
  4. On the smart device (tablet or phone or computer or whatever, set the proxy settings to the IP address  of the computer hosting fiddler using the port 8888 or any other port you assigned for the proxy

Link: Get-Fiddler

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