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There is no Internet connection, and what my son taught me

This weekend we had a few internet connection issues at home.  As the in-house IT guy, I had a natural obligation to fix the issue right away. After all, my wife, son and his two sisters needed their connections restored. I worked to diagnose the issue and later resolve it. It was about 30 minutes […]

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Chrome 38 breaks parts of Outlook Web App 2013

It seems that my browser of choice is no longer working with Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2013. Google has made changes to the latest version of their browser and removed the API ( showModalDialog ) which has serious consequences for managing a major parts of Exchange. In my test I have noticed management options that I am […]

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How to Enable Data Compression & Bandwidth savings in Google Chrome Mobile Application

A new feature in Google Chrome Mobile which allows you to enable compression to  save on data usage is available. To enable this feature the following needs to be done: If you don’t have Google Chrome installed – download it from the Play or App Store. Once you have it downloaded and installed open Google Chrome […]

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Fiddler + Telerik

“A man should never neglect his family for business.” – Walt Disney There has been some exciting news in the software community of Telerik. They just acquired Fiddler! On top of that the maker of Fiddler, Eric Lawrence will join the staff of Telerik, leaving Microsoft to be a member of the team. And its obvious why […]