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X1 Set-Top Box Issues RDK-03004 & RDK-03033

Excellent Comment from one of my previous post: Sharing the information below.  Thanks dude for sharing.   Equipment List: 1. Cable Modem -> Xfinity TG1682G internet cable modem ( 2. Main DVR Unit -> Xfinity PX0113ANM main cable box ( 3. Remote Units -> 2 Xfinity PXD01ANI receivers ( 4. Amplifier -> Commscope CSAPDU5VP […]

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Bria Android Smartphone App

I have been testing several free SIP Apps to go along with my FreePBX Asterisk server and after using an excellent app CSipSimple for a while I wanted to test how one of the paid variants would compare. This had me looking right at CounterPath Corp’s Bria VoIP Softphone for Android. An app suited for corporations […]

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I’m Running FreePBX & Asterisk (Ver.

Well this IT guy is happy about his work installing and setting up Asterisk / FreePBX + Google Voice. I now have a cool little system that will allow for me to use the full “FREE” part of Google Voice and the power of a PBX System Who could ask for anything more?   OK! […]

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I was wrong AT&T is NOT blocking my SIP

Well a bit of egg on ones face isn’t a bad thing.  Failure to admit to it is… So I was thinking about this issue during my date around the house and playing with the kids and when I had some time to review what was going on I got to thinking.  Perhaps this is […]

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Followup: Google Voice to FreePBX

In a previous post I wrote about  Adding Google Voice to FreePBX After a lot of tinkering and research I was able to get inbound dialing to my assigned extension working. I tell you think much, it wasn’t simple for me to understand and I may play around with setting this thing up a few […]

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Adding Google Voice to FreePBX

I followed the following steps to setup my new FreePBX Server with Google Voice. I am happy to say it works for the most part, however inbound calls are not making it.  All in all this was a good learning experience: *UPDATE*  I have made a follow up with my working configuration files   How To […]