Richard Branson: My Tips for Happiness in 2018

We all have influencers in our lives; either by choice or organically. It is those set of influential people who help open our minds to new ways of thinking and going about our day-to-day.  I have followed Richard Branson for a long time and truly admin this man.  Today he posted on LinkedIn a open letter […]


Microsoft acquired social network Yammer for $1 billion

In another game of pac-man, Microsoft has bought Yammer for $1 billion. For those of you who have no idea who/what Yammer is. Yammer is a social network for working people. A business version of Facebook, all the way down to the looks and feel. Yammer will not allow you to sign up from an email account which is […]

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Tonight I am starting something new with my social time online. In addition to praying for those I know and love, I am now praying for those I do not know. Total strangers, people who have no direct influence in my life, nor I in theirs. I am going to make public prayers for those individuals followed by the following  hashtag of #youiprayfor So […]

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Facebook Video Calling (Powered by Skype)

With a simple and straightforward method of using, Facebook video calling is simply awesome. To get up and going with using the video feature you first need to install a plugin ( and from that point on you have what is necessary to use this new feature.   Making a video call is easy. Look […]