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Tonight I am starting something new with my social time online. In addition to praying for those I know and love, I am now praying for those I do not know. Total strangers, people who have no direct influence in my life, nor I in theirs.

I am going to make public prayers for those individuals followed by the following  hashtag of #youiprayfor

So please join me in this; it only takes a few seconds and perhaps all of our prayers will be answered one day. We never know until we truly try.


update 1:

Reflecting on this idea i started to think: why bother doing this at all…  i then answered myself… “because maybe, just maybe someone out there was praying for me”; wishing me the best and perhaps some of those prayers, those good wishes along with hard work on my end … got me to where i am today. At times i honestly neglect what I have at times, but when stop for a second to pray and wish good for others i am reminded of all i have and its an awakening.

– jermal