Adapting to change

Get this – LOL Moment on my part:

I am a Linux Desktop user at home for almost two (2) years now. In this time I have a need to run virtual machines not only in my lab but on my workstation computers where I “need” to use an application that only runs under the Windows OS — More on why I don’t use “wine” or some other application emulator later.

ILike I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been using Linux and KVM to run VM’s. The reason why I choose this option was that I was unsuccessful in getting VMware Player to run virtual machines. I could install VMware player but machines just would not boot and I was presented with endless errors.

The error messages were cryptic and the solutions steps took me in circles with no resolve (kinda like working with some next-gen-firewall companies I know of).

Today, after a year I have discovered the reason why VMware Player wouldn’t work was a feature in my bios known as “secure boot” that was enabled. To my surprise; Disabling this allows for VMware player to run my virtual machines. Yes! Problem solved.

Lessons Learned: What I learned from this experience is that; Sometimes more that often when you’re lacking something that you have become accustomed to having – it creates innovation and forces you to grow.

That said, I am going to keep using KVM for my VM needs.

Keep Learning my Friends

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