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Crashplan, I choose you

Back at home I use Open Media Vault as my NAS (Network Attached Storage solution to store and serve up my media and documents to my computers and devices. Open Media Vault (OMV) gives me all the things I need with one single exception; that’s backups.

So at home I backup to USB disks, but what if there was there is a flood, fire or theft of equipment? It’s gone and with it, so are many important documents phones which are memories to me. With over 300GB of data which I want to ensure is backed up I moved to using CrashPlan as my catch all solution.

Not only have a found CrashPlan to be useful to my backup they also enable me to assist family and friends in other locations to backup their data off site to my NAS system here at home. I then store their backups sets out to crashplan alongside of my own. How awesome is that!

It’s important to backups your data, most of us know this or are in the process of learning how important it truly is. It’s even more important to ensure that if your local backup fails you have an alternate location to go to retrieve that data. This is the best proactive measure you can take.

So far CrashPlan is the best office site backup solution I’ve used at home.

Why CrashPlan?

  • No Limitations to the amount of data I can backup
  • Minute to Minute backups
  • The ability to recover versions of files (edited photos and documents) 
  • The software gives me notifications of the status of my backups
  • I can recover data not only to my original machines, but to remote systems also
  • Mobile applications that support both Android and iOS devices.
  • Price you can’t beat. Any less it would be “Free” And if you are simply using to back up from one computer to another regardless of physical location it is.

To quote them “CrashPlan secures your irreplaceable photos, music and documents offsite, safe from the potential mishaps that can befall your computer. Unique multi-destination support means your most important files can be backed up to the CrashPlan Central cloud, an external drive, securely to a friend’s computer, or all three for maximum protection.”

Don’t take my word for it. Give them a try.

Link: CrashPlan on OMV NAS
Link: CrashPlan Website