Cut Sugar From Your Diet

I love sugar as much as the next gal/guy however too much of a good thing isn’t so good. Here are some reasons why we should all cut back on the use of sugars in our daily diets.

1. Sugar isn’t food – It offers your body calories but has a low nutritional value and your body doesn’t need it in order to survive.

2. Sugar is loaded with calories – Those calories often times will be stored on your body as fat.

3. Sugar increases anxiety – There is a real connection between the amount of sugar in your body and anxiety and depression.

4. Sugar causes diabetes – Among other ailments like heart and kidney disease. Excess sugar hinders the ability of the pancreas.

5. Sugar slowly wears down your teeth – Sugar can wear down your enamel and cause cavities.

6. Sugar hinders the immune system – This is especially bad during winter cold and flu season.

7. Sugar creates wrinkles – Or at least high amounts of sugar. Sugar destroys collagen.

8. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships that take place in your body.

9. Sugar causes imbalances with your body’s enzymes.

10. Sugar can weaken your tendons.

11. Sugar can cause hormonal imbalances – For example, increased estrogen in men. Sugar also aggravates PMS in women.

12. Sugar increases your blood pressure.

13. Too much sugar damages the pancreas over time.

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