Galaxy S4: No Sim Card Error, Please Reboot

For several months now I have been dealing with an issue where my phone reports that my sim card was removed and prompts me to reboot the device. As you can guess this is very annoying as I am unable to receive SMS and Phone calls and there is no warning other than when I go to look at my phone screen to see this message displayed.

I worked with my phone provider AT&T who later told me to replace my SIM card and reset my phone. I did just that with no success.

After calling Samsung they  told me that couldn’t work with me on the issue and that I needed to deal with AT&T.

I’ve even gone the down the road of rooting the device and installing a custom firmware; No dice, the issue still exists, so I went back to stock.

I had a friend who also uses AT&T use her SIM in my phone and guess what  *****BAM**** same thing.  At this point I am convinced this has something to do with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the fact that it get’s very hot at times and something internal is damaged.

Android Version: 4.2.2

Baseband Version: I337UCUAMDL


Sorry, I don’t have a solution / fix for this problem just posting about it  #venting

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