How to avoid these embarrassing situations

This is a good reminder for anyone who has porn in their computers or USB drives and is giving presentations: people, turn off the autoplay feature in your Windows computer. Just go to your Start button (Orb), click on Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, and then click on AutoPlay. There you will be able to turn it on or off for each media type.

You should do the same with the address autocomplete feature in your browser—which will populate your address bar with your latest YouPorn antics if you forgot to use anonymous browsing. Since you you are it, turn off the most visited sites front page in your web browser too. The locations of these preferences will change depending on your preferred browser, but they should be easy to find.

And never, ever leave your screensaver pointed to a folder which may contain porn, as the screensaver may fire up on ya when you did not expect it.

Do as you wish, but be careful