My First Uber Experience

So let me share with you my First Time Uber Experience

I’ve taken work trip out to Chicago, IL this week and decided on not renting a car, and attempt using Uber.

Uber is a taxi cab like service with a slight twist,  allowing customers with smartphones to literally summon a car ride to take them to a destination. The drivers are just everyday people who use their own cars to earn money by driving persons from one location to the next. Best of all, the rates are very competitive to the standard car service and is 100% cashless.

So this is how I started my Uber adventure

  • Download and install the Uber app onto my smartphone
  • Registered – After registration you will need to verify a few things such as mobile number, and email address to complete your profile
  • Payment – You just setup payment info such as your personal or corporate credit/debit cards. Uber allows for multiple payment options.
  • Added my photo (not required, but I did this anyhow – why not)

How I got my ride

I just launched the Uber and set my pickup location followed by my destination address; similar to using Google maps. Uber even allows for you to select the types of vehicles you wish to drive in.  I found that to be very impressive.

In under 8 minutes I was in  a car and on my way. Cool this about my wait was I could watch the driver heading to me via the apps built-in map. The driver was very friendly and informative about how he had become a Uber driver which made my drive very interesting. When the drive was completed I was able to give the driver a rating in the form of starts ranging from a single star upwards to five star.


So will I use Uber again

YES! Most defiantly. In fact I can’t wait for the next opportunity to do so. Who knew that paying for something could be rewarding to the point you want to pay.


And how could I end this post w/o sharing my own Uber referral link. I am confident you would enjoy the service as much as I have.



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