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Share The Orange – Alzheimer’s Research

Like many of you around the world, I have seen the life of a loved one devastated by dementia. This person was my grandmother. As a kid, I too thought this was a part of someone getting believing that dementia is a part of aging and there is nothing that can be done.

That’s why I am asking you to help Alzheimer’s Research UK change this.

All you need to do is share the orange.

You see, it all starts and ends with the brain.

Everything we are, everything we were, everything we ever will be is held inside these precious cells. Your childhood, your friendships, your first love, your truest love, your most special day, your family, your hopes and dreams for them and when they have families of their own. All of your experiences, moment and precious memory’s you share together.

So if the brain is at risk, everything we are is at risk.

Dementia is caused by disease, most commonly altimeters. It physically destroys cells, breaking connections that shape our abilities, our relationships, ourselves.

In fact, the destruction of Alzheimer’s can leave a brain weighing 140 grams less than a healthy one. That is about the weight on an orange.

But this shows us that altimeters is a physical disease we can fight. Research has already made great breakthrough’s in other diseases like cancers and aids and with your support Alzheimer’s Research UK will breakthrough ageists dementia.

So please share this film, share the orange.


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YouTube Links – Please watch and share

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