Speculation, Suspicion, and Seriousness

Was it hackers, hackers, oh it was hacker or a bad mistake on Sony’s part?  The question remains unanswered.

Sony has done a wonderful job of using carefully crafted wordplay when addressing the questions we have about the PlayStation Network incident.  While lost in the thick of things we are nowhere closer to knowing the reasons for the outage.

We are unaware if our account details and info has been compromised.  The one thing I know is that all of this a really something to be concerned about.  I myself will be contacting my bank to have my card number changed.  I am sure I do not stand alone in attempting to be safe rather than one day sorry.

So not only are us the users of the PlayStation Network affected by this, but now bank’s need to rev up for the massive influx of customers requesting new accounts…

Going forward, I can say Sony has lost my trust in its service.