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Trend Micro Officescan 10 WSSPatterns consuming my disk

Working on the Officescan Server in preparation for an upgrade, when I noticed a large amount of disk space used on the server.  Not knowing where the space was being used I pulled out my handy portable version of HDGraph and did the scan.  It showed that the space used was from the following directory:  C:Program FilesTrend MicroOfficeScanPCCSRVWSSpatterns

After some internet searching I used the following steps to remove the older patterns and free up space. Apparently this is a know issue with Officescan 10 SP1; I am glad I have planned to upgrade.

To resolve the issue, do the following:
Stop OfficeScan Master Service on the OfficeScan server.
Go to the ..OfficeScanPCCSRVWSSPatterns directory.
Delete all of the previous pattern folders.
Important: Do not delete the TBL folder, Keep.dat, and the latest pattern folders.
Install the latest version of the Officescan product

Verify that the issue is resolved by:
Check the Smart Scan agent pattern. It should now be up to date.
There are no duplicate copies and previous pattern version folder.