What is CoreXL & SecureXL

  • CoreXL: Technology that makes use of multiple processor cores
  • SecureXL: Connection acceleration technology (both throughput and connection establishment)

SecureXL is an acceleration solution that maximizes the performance of the Checkpoint Firewall. When SecureXL is enabled on a Security Gateway, some CPU intensive operations are processed by virtualized software instead of the Firewall kernel. This is said to allow the Firewall the ability to inspect and process connections more efficiently and accelerate throughput and connection rates.

Secure XL traffic flows: (from admin guide)

  • Slow path – Packets and connections that are inspected by the Firewall and are not processed by SecureXL.
  • Accelerated path – Packets and connections that are offloaded to SecureXL and are not processed by the Firewall.
  • Medium path – Packets that require deeper inspection cannot use the accelerated path. It is not necessary for the Firewall to inspect these packets, they can be offloaded and do not use the slow path. For example, packets that are inspected by IPS cannot use the accelerated path and can be offloaded to the IPS PSL (Passive Streaming Library). SecureXL processes these packets more quickly than packets on the slow path.

CoreXL is a performance-enhancing technology for Security Gateways on multi-core processing platforms. CoreXL enhances Security Gateway performance by enabling the processing cores to concurrently perform multiple tasks.

CoreXL joins ClusterXL Load Sharing and SecureXL as part of Check Point’s fully complementary family of traffic acceleration technologies.

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