After converting a Linux (Debian) machine using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, to have a copy of my virtual machine running on ESXi 5.x in VMware Player. I encountered the following error on start-up: buslogic SCSI adapter is not supported for 64-bit guests

There isn’t an option in the VMware Player to change the scsi type, so I turned to editing the virtual machine’s .vmx file changing the following steps.

  1. Opened the .vmx file for the virtual machine with a text editor; in my case notepad++
  2. Located the following line: scsi0.virtualDev = “buslogic”
  3. Replaced the line scsi0.virtualDev = “buslogic” with scsi0.virtualDev = “lsilogic”
  4. Saved the .vmx file and returned back to VMware Player and started my virtual machine.