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Android Device Manager

Attn: Rachel

If you lost your phones, perhaps it was stolen; or your simply want to track your teen on his / her android phone or device. Google has a solution for that with its new Android Device Manager. With the Android Device Manager you can:

  • Ring your device: this allows you to cause your phone to ring and keep ringing to help you locate it. Even if you had the sounds turned off.
  • Erase your device: this allows you to remotely wipe your device to protect your data from getting into unwanted hands, e.g self shots of you in that bikini you trying on at the mall
  • Locate the device: this allows you to pull up a real time map of your device. And this is very accurate; so much its scary. If you have a pre-teen / teen with an account that you have access to, it makes it very simple to track their location.

So if you’re an Android user, I would highly suggest you set this up.