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Bitcoin – How to buy, where, and should you.

Bitcoin was eyeing $13,000 a coin Wednesday morning, less than 12 hours after soaring over $12,000.

I purchased coin a few years ago using it to trade for things online (mostly in video games). Now bitcoin is all the rage and is worth more than the make pretend money online I once thought it was.  I recently had some friends inquire on how they can go about obtaining coin if they are not going to mine for it.

Warning: Bitcoin is a very, very…. volatile currency and I am in no way a financial expert.

The simple solution is to just buy it.  Now where to buy it may be trickiest part. You can also “mine” bitcoin if your computer has the requirements to do so.

I go involved by signing up to a bitcoin wallet service (multiple of them), the most popular options are Coinbase,


You sign up like any other. Enter your name and email address and set a password to get started. The use of use Google Authenticator or a security keys is the best steps to secure your login

I must say, while this is very interesting be careful you are risking real money for virtual money that could be lost at any moment.  Ref NiceHash hack


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