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Command-line + ESXi Fun

I had some time to tinker after an upgrade of my system
Wanted to learn something new, and play I found some useful commands

The first useful command i could run is to list all registered guest on my host.

vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms

Get power state of a VM

vim-cmd /vmsvc/power.getstate <Vimid>

From the image above you see the power state of the vm named pms

… and here are a few more:

Unregister a VM
vim-cmd /vmsvc/unregister <Vmid>

Register a VM
vim-cmd /solo/register /path/to/file.vmx

Power off a VM
vim-cmd /vmsvc/ <Vmid>

Power on a VM
vim-cmd /vmsvc/power.on <Vmid>