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Configure Local Continuous Replication in Exchange Server 2007

These day’s are almost in my past with Exchange 2010 just around the block. I had notes on t his but never put them out there, old news but new post. I hope you find this helpful.

LCR is a single server solution that provides high availability for Exchange Server 2007. Once you enable a local replica of a storage group, LCR copies any changes to the storage group to the replica. This process is called Log Shipping. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to Exchange Server 2007
  2. Click Start, and then point to All Programs, then Microsoft Exchange and click Exchange Management Console
  3. Expand Microsoft Exchange and click the Server Configuration in the Console Tree
  4. Click the server name that has mailbox server role in the results pane. And in the action page, click Manage Mailbox Role
  5. In the work pane, right click First Storage Group and click Enable Local Continuous Backup
  6. On the welcome page, click Next
  7. On the Set Paths page accept the default location or enter new location for the Local Continuous replica set for Storage Group
  8. On the Mailbox Store page, click Next or enter suitable location for Replica Mailbox Store database files. Do the same for other stores in this Storage Group
  9. On the Enable Page, click Enable and then click Finish