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Create New Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database with PowerShell

Here is a short hot-to use the PowerShell to create a new exchange mailbox database. I recently learned how to do this when setting up databases for my new Exchange 2010 setup and again today I went over the steps. Today I will share them with you.


First you will need to run the Exchange Management Shell. Once you have this running you will issue the following command:

new-mailboxdatabase -name ‘database-1’ -server ‘EXCHANGE’ -edbfilepath ‘E:Mailboxdatabase-1database-1.edb’ -logFolderPath ‘F:Mailboxdatabase-1Logsdatabase-1_Logs’

After you have created your database its time to mount, this is also done in the Exchange Management Shell.  Simply type the following:

mount-database -identity ‘database-1’

If you go to the EMC, you will see that the new database has been made and now mounted.