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Exchange 2010 SP2 | Mailbox Export Request

Exchange 2010 has many improvements.  As we know when things change they do not often stay the same. In this case the method used to export exchange email boxes to PST files. Back in a previous post I went over the steps of exporting a mailbox to PST. To do this all you needed was a system with the Exchange 2007 tools installed and office.  This has changed in Exchange 2010 SP2. I note the SP2 because this is what I am using and the methods have changed from the initial release.

In Exchange 2010, you first need to be assigned the “Mailbox Import Export” role to import or export email boxes.  To assign the “Mailbox Import Export” role to an individual user, use the following syntax:

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Mailbox Import Export" -User jsmith

To assign the “Mailbox Import Export”role to a Windows security group, use the following syntax

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Mailbox Import Export" -SecurityGroup Administrators

In addition to the “Mailbox Import Export” role, the user which will actually perform export / import must also be member of the local Administrators group on the Exchange server on which the export operation is taking place.

To run the command to export the mailbox we need to open the EMC and run the following command:

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox jermsmit -FilePath "\\SERVER\Folder_Name\PSTBackup.pst"

You need to grant read/write (full) permission to the group Exchange Trusted Subsystem to the network share where you’ll export or import mailboxes. If you don’t grant this permission, you’ll receive an error message stating that Exchange is unable to establish a connection to the target mailbox.

With this new method, the requirement for Office to be installed no longer exists and Exchange 2010 queues up the backup to the UNC folder path specified.

– Jermal