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Exchange 2013 Mailbox Move “FailedOther”

After my last round of mailbox migrations from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 RU2 I ran into issues with a few mailboxes that were left in the state “FailedOther” at 95% completed.

I attempted to resume / restart the mailbox move with: Get-MoveRequest | where{$_.Status -eq “FailedOther”} | Resume-MoveRequest without success.

At this point I was unable to create a move request in the Exchange Admin Center it returned a message that a move was already in progress. Short of using something such as ADSIEDIT I couldn’t think of another way to remove this status. And that is exactly what I did.

  1. Open ADSIEDIT, navigate to the OU  of the account with the FailedOther status is stored
  2. Right Click on the User and choose “Properties”
  3. Find the following attributes: msExchMailboxMoveFlags and msExchMailboxMoveStatus | Clear the values of each

  4. Once done, you can then restart the migration progress

At this point I am able to move the mailboxes.