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Exchange 2013 – Unable to access ECP

After a successful install of Exchange 2013 came time to move services from Exchange 2010 over to the new server. I was able to do all of this via the new management interface under ECP without issue.

After a lengthily testing all seemed to be working when I noticed I was no longer able to access the ECP. What I noticed was I was not entering the Exchange Admin Center at all and was being redirected out to the Outlook Web App.

Questioning the idea was there any other way to access this, I found none. I searched far and wide with no results. The question I kept asking myself; Where was your mistake?

I decided that this may have been caused by bindings and that I should keep my external URL different than that of my Internal one. And that took me to loading up the Exchange Management Shell.

I used the following commands to configure the ECP virtual directory back to what it was originally for the Internal Interface:

Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server EX1 | Set-EcpVirtualdirectory -InternalUrl “https://ex1.jermsmit.local/ecp”

At this point you are notified that you must match the OWA’s InternalURL to that of the ECP’s, so I ran the following:

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server EX1 | Set-OwaVirtualdirectory -InternalUrl “https://ex1.jermsmit.local/owa”

I then rebooted the Exchange 2013 server and when I returned I could access the Admin Center without issue, both internally and on the external side.