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Factory Reset / Hard Reset a Samsung Galaxy S5

After a few weeks of playing with the Galaxy S5 its time to box it up and send it back, but not before factory resetting this bad boy.

How To Factory Reset the Galaxy S5?
To perform a factory reset of the Samsung Galaxy S5, go to Settings > User and backup > Backup and reset and select Factory reset. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your device.

This is a good idea but I forgot my password for the phone and have been using the finger print reader; so its hard reset time.

How To Hard Reset the Galaxy S5?
To perform a hard reset, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5, and press the Power + Volume Up + Home buttons together for 3-5 seconds, then release them. You will notice the little blue letters in numbers in the upper left corner of the device.  Using the volume up/down buttons select the Factory reset option and confirm with the Power button. Confirm your choice again with the Power button and after the format is finished, restart your phone

Now that my phone is clean, time to pack it up and ship it away.

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