gas rationing tips by Jermal

gas rationing tips by Jermal:

1. You find yourself on an odd number day and your plate ends with a even number and you need gas bad to get to work, get home. Find a friend or someone who is nice who will allow you to swap plates. The license plate swap should only take you 10 minutes at the most to preform. Best of all you need to only remove one plate from the friends car as this will be the single plate you use in your window or on your car.

*note* you will need to keep a screwdriver set handy, just in case you need to preform these steps.
*note*┬ávanity plates are considered odd #’s

I assisted a friend this Friday as he was on empty (light on) … The law doesn’t say if the plates are your or not. So good luck to those of you who find yourself in a pickle and need a way out. – Jermal