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Google+ hangout = Awesome!

Google+ is Google’s step into the social networking arena and with that offering some impressive new features that make it simple for teams of people to work with one another and collaborate.


Recently made available as a preview feature of Google’s none stop development is the new Google+ hangouts with extras.


The features are ‘awesome’ and enable the following


Screen / Desktop sharing – Simply host your hangout and you can share your screen or a individual window and present to the hangout participants


Google Doc’s integration – Share a Google document with hangout participants and collaborate by editing documents with others.  (Remember Google Wave).


Create notes / scratchpad – to draw diagrams and express ideas




Now that I have you interested in trying some of these features, let me walk you over them with a simple and quick ‘how to’.  All you have to do is log into your Google account of choice.  This can be done by going to


Once logged into Google+ you can start a new hangout by clicking on the ‘Start a hangout’ button in your Google+ page.  But, Wait!!!  There is a small link that reads ‘Try Hangouts with extras’ Click that link and this will launch the hangout with extras and you will be able to take advantage of the new features.



You will see a preview page; just click the start hangout button to continue


The next screen you will see will allow you to provide a name to your newly created hangout

Invite others directly or by group via circles and then click ‘Start hangout’



Once you have clicked on ‘start hangout’ the web application will quickly load and you will be in the hangout.


I hope this was informative and you find the new feature to be cool, and helpful in connecting teams / families / friends.