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Hyper-V VM Creation Fails – Product Key

Yes! Another error, and another thing to learn.

I ran in to an issue while importing a new template from an existing image. Error message was: Virtual Machine Manager was unable to find a value for the required Sysprep parameter Product Key.

It seems that the new machine is looking for a product key. The template I’m using has no product key as its activated from our internal KMS server. So after searching and not finding much on social.technet posts I decided to attempt to a KMS Client Setup Key; After all its looking for a key. These keys are useful for taking a system activated with a MAC or retail and moving them to be activated via a KMS.

I did this by doing the following:

1. Opening the SCVMM Console (as Administrator)
2. On the Library Tab, Select VM Templates and the Template you are working with
3. On the OS Configuration Tab, Select Product Key and enter in the Windows 8 Enterprise KMS Setup Key
4. I hope I do not have to tell you this, but click OK

Back at the App Center Page and I am now able to Create my new virtual machine from this template.

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