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In and Out

After rebuilding my FreePBX configuration from the ground up, I was able to get 2 Google Voice numbers setup on my system.  I later found out I had one slight issues that I am trying to work out…

The trouble I am having is with the ‘outgoing’ calls.  They work, but here is the issue…  i am getting a wrong  Google voice number being shown on the ‘recipient’s’ phone.

It seems that my system is pulling just my primary number and using just that for outbound calls.

I am not sure if its my dialing patters:

1732 _ NXXXXXX

I hope to find out soon.  For now i need to get some sleep

*update*  yeah i couldn’t sleep on this

I setup my second Google  number to require a prefix to dial out.

For instance, I press 2 + 1 + area code + telephone number.

nothing | prefix 2 | 1NXXNXXXXXX

Now I will go to sleep.  I am not sure if this is the final solution to my setup.  it works.

-back- over 12hr later, if not more.

I was able to get this working and the solution was only within a few key strokes

All that was needed was for me to place the extension that  was corresponding to the outbound Google voice trunk.  Adding this worked like magic.   Please not that you will need to do this for each account setup.  Failure to do so will cause this not to work for you.  Unil next post.