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owa/auth.owa error accessing outlook web

My battle with Exchange continues…

After a day of messing around with the configuration (details to come soon).  I restarted my Exchange 2010 Server.  All was working as expected, so thumbs up and smiles all around.  And then… it happened! I attempted to access web-mail (OWA).

The main Outlook Web Access page loaded without any issues.  So I logged in and after clicking Sign in I was presented with a blank page pointing to auth.owa.  What broke?  I didn’t do any updates. Attempting to test using Test-OWAConnectivity in the EMC didn’t give me much info to go on.

I later looked into the services and “wow, Microsoft, for-real guys” … Forms Based Authentication to a seperate Service called Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based Authentication Service.

Starting this fixed my issue. I am puzzled why this didn’t start with the server, because its set to automatic. I will do a little more digging and if I find something I’ll report back.

– Jermal