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SEO Friendly URL Structures for WordPress

It’s been long time, since I left you, without a dope beat to step to.”  – Eric B & Rakim

I am sure there has been many of these, in fact I know there has been, and this is how I recently setup my WordPress site. For a long time I have used my site without and SEO Friendly URL Structure; this has now changed.

Why you ask? I want more of you to stop by for a visit.
So let’s get into how its setup in a vanilla install of WordPress.

In my previous configuration my URL’s were formatted as such,
now they are like

Open the Permalink Option Page which you can find in your WordPress Admin Panel if you click on the Setting Tabs and then go to Permalink.

Under Common Settings select ‘Custom Structure’ and input the following: /%postname%/

Once you have selected the combination, paste it in the field and click “Save Changes”

More information about the tags can be found in WordPress Codex for Permalinks.