Server 2012: “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one”

In my attempt to install Windows Server 2012 on a test system using a USB Stick as my installation method I kept encountering the error in the above subject of this post. Searching ‘Google’ gave me a lot of details about this issue, but nothing that actually fixed my problem. I have done this type of install for years for tests and in production and have not encountered such a problem. So at this point I will puzzled.

If you found this post because you’re looking for a solution and have tried to disable, or enable setting in the BIOS, made attempts to setup the disk using ‘diskpart’ and even that didn’t work.

To only finally say ‘ok, I’ll go look in the log; the error in the setup log (x:windowspanthersetuperr.log)

Simply press SHIFT F10 and this will open the command prompt and you just need to open the log using notepad.exe

You may see the following as I have: Error [0x06069e] IBS GetMachineInfo:Couldn’t find boot disk on this BIOS-based computer

And now scratching at your head again, you are wondering how does this help.  I am not sure of which post response I glanced at, but I happen to recall someone saying to not use USB3 ports or USB3 sticks for the media.

So what I did was grab a USB2 Type Stick and place the boot image on that to install with and it worked.