SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update = Fail

Today I took on the fun task of updating a SharePoint 2010 Server to server Pack 1 followed by cumulative updates.  Everything seemed to go well up until running the Configuration wizard which bombs at the end.    Now the CU update documentation says ‘nothing’ about rebooting the machine.   In the update logs there is an error about the timer job failing.

ERR:  The exclusive inplace upgrader timer job failed.

I then attempted to restart the timer job and run this again – failed (same error) |Bullshit I think.
So after much to do, I decide to reboot the SharePoint server and attempt to run it again.  And guess what!  It worked.   From what I have read in my quick searching on Google for a solution to this is that  User Account control is the cause of this issue.

So in order to get your CU (or other updates for that matter) for SharePoint 2010 to install correctly I recommend you to disable the User Account Control for you service accounts.

Oh well all is working and 4 hours of work my company owes me for this bloodletting event.