Sony PlayStation Network, Down on Christmas

Day 2 –

PlayStation Network Down Again –

The network came up again for a short while, only to fail once again. 110 million users unable to access their online content or play.


When issue like this happen its for one reason and not the HACKERS
I am all for the “A” plan but where is the plan “B”  Doesn’t seem to be one

I guess (only guessing from what I have experienced)
— its due to the lack in proper infrastructure —
I don’t blame the IT staff or engineers; and feed sad for that middle tier management who attempt to keep the budget low; so they look good to management above

But what does that get you?

Because they have failed to communicate upward of the risks and what needs to be in place and that that will cost involved to keep a network and infrastructure resilient.

Its that simple, and this is will over 100 millions customers are down. Sad, so sad and shows you how much they care.




It seems that PlayStation network and that of Microsoft Xbox Online are both under a DDOS type event preventing access to content and log on resources. Users all over the world are affected by this outage.

For Sony this is nothing new

But will Sony Online / PlayStation Network (PSN) make good to customers who have lost game time and use of system during this outage.

More info here on the hacking / doss attack:

Seems like the Sony PlayStation Network is down

Attempts to log into the the network results into a redirect to the following page:

This issue was first noticed on the console where an error message reads:

An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PSN. (80710092)

The suggested actions to take are all a waste of time. Simply put, the network for Sony online is down.



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