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System Center – Virtual Machine Manager Error (12700)

Creating several templates in SCVMM today I encountered the an error with the id of ‘12700’ with the message:

Error (12700)
VMM cannot complete the host operation on the s0106hvlab5.jermsmit.local server because of the error: ‘W10_64_jermsmit’ could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID B4B770E3-9DD7-4C3F-B2A5-36CA37151600)

Not enough memory in the system to start the virtual machine W10_64_jermsmit with ram size 4096 megabytes. (Virtual machine ID B4B770E3-9DD7-4C3F-B2A5-36CA37151600)
Unknown error (0x800a)

Recommended Action
Resolve the host issue and then try the operation again.

In my situation I tracked the issue down to the following:

Cause: I was overdoing it by running many conversions without the memory resources being available

Solution: Throttle my activity

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