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Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) | GingerBreak Log

SuperOneClick v1.9.5.0 Checking drivers… Killing ADB Server… OK Starting ADB Server… * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * OK Waiting for device… OK Getting OS Version… OK Pushing GingerBreak… 130 KB/s (16830 bytes in 0.125s) OK chmod GingerBreak… OK Running GingerBreak… ROOTED Pushing busybox… 1426 KB/s […]

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Samsung Galaxy S – “Skype has stopped working.”

Day 1 on the Galaxy Android and I download Skype and cannot sign in.  I am greeted with the non-informational message of “Skype has stopped working” and I have two options, Exit Skype or Sign in. Wait… Sing in?  That’s thing that doesn’t even work.  For testing purposes I attempt to create an account – […]