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A GoodReads review of my Minecraft Servers

There are times I search my domain name to see where my ranking are going. Tonight I came across something unexpected. It was a review on the website goodreads where a player who visits my Minecraft Servers gave it a very friendly review and write up.  How awesome is that! I am so happy that […]


Minecraft 1.7.1 Pre-release @ – Snapshot Server

Okay! It’s here Friends, the update that changed the Minecraft Word. We are now running the Minecraft Pre-release 1.7.1 on the server. So lets sum up quickly what we have under the hood of this new release; best of all its all yours officially Friday, October 25th 2013. See you on the snapshot server […]

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Minecraft @

I recently been introduced to the world of minecraft. It seems that my two nephews and daughter are very interested in playing this game. So why not build a server and host it so they can have hours of enjoyment. Best of all its a place where they can bend the rules to work for them, also […]


How to remove Google+ hangout apps

Log into your Google account and find your way to your Google+ Next click on settings (gear icon), which take you into the accounts area Click on security, then click edit on Authorizing applications and sites Locate the Google+ hangout app you would like to remove (revoke access) Click Revoke Access The application should now […]