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I got my invite to Inbox by Gmail / Google

I’ve waited and thanks for a good friend I got my invite. I am super exited to give this a test and be on the cutting edge. You open you email to see the cool invite Then you install the app and log in and you can feel the magic in your hands. ¬†Email will […]


Using Gmail as my SMTP server

In the past I use to host my own email server here at the SOHO of ¬†Today I found myself in need of setting up alerts for some of my network based equipment. So I used Gmail (thanks Google) for this task. To make this work you need the following: A gmail account (make […]


Service Outage: Gmail Down?

it seems that Gmail is down right now.

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Gmail tips or tricks?

Here are Gmail tips or tricks that you may want to know about Use address aliases Gmail doesn’t offer traditional e-mail aliases, but you can add a “+” to the end of your username to create one. For example, messages sent to is sent to This can be useful for setting up filters […]