Tech Short: Convert a Mailbox, Exchange 2013

Here are some steps that worked for me in converting a user mailbox to a shared mailbox.

Info: You can convert the following mailboxes from one type to another

  • User mailbox to resource mailbox
  • Shared mailbox to user mailbox
  • Shared mailbox to resource mailbox
  • Resource mailbox to user mailbox
  • Resource mailbox to shared mailbox

Example reason why you might wan’t to do this:

You have a mailbox account with the name of  bookclub and are looking make it a shared account because its consuming a license. To address this we will convert it to a shared mailbox account by issues the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Set-Mailbox "bookclub" -Type Shared


If you have multiple accounts, the following steps may apply to you

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Import-CSV "C:\work\import.csv" | foreach {Set-Mailbox -Identity $_.user -Type Shared}


Please note the following csv document formatting:

"jermsmit Internal"
"jermsmit Sales"
"jermsmit Local"
"jermsmit PR"
"jermsmit Recruiter"



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