wow.dll Virus / Trojan

Hmmm; Now isn’t this fun

Our IDS was tossing out the following message: ET TROJAN Tornado Pack Binary Request for one of the users, along with various others.

After some inspection; first running the local AV solution, and other solutions like Malwarebytes which did not locate the infection. I then loaded up Sysinternals Suite App, TCPView which showed several outbound connections to remote hosts. Using Process Explorer also by Sysinternals I was able to search the handle of the wow.dll discovered in TCPView. The process was bound to explorer.exe

My inspection took me to the following location: AppDataRoamingsrpetxnshntexqwow.dll where I found the virus .dll file and a config file ending in .ini with the the following contents:


This seems to be a control file for the virus.

For now the issue remains unresolved and the users computer is set for a new image. I will be playing with the virus more in hopes to learn more of what it does and how to quickly identify it in the future. I do however think this is a Troj/Mdrop* type of infection or some variant