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Dell Equallogic PS Series – Undocumented Commands

Disclaimer: The following set of commands are used by Internal staff at Dell EqualLogic. These commands are for use only by EqualLogic Technical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from Technical Support

Now for the fun commands you’ve been looking for:

Launch Support Mode
support exec bash

To enter a BASH shell
su exec bash

Various “Netstat” and netstat_test commands…some of the most useful networking commands I’ve used so far:
netstat -i
nstat_test -p 0
nstat_test -r
nstat_test -t

“Cache Tool”

Reveal NetBSD
uname -a

“RAIDTOOL” for displaying RAID Info, especially useful in watching the rebuilds with percentages

Replication Tuning – TCP
support repl-window-size

Restart the Equallogic Management Service (Note: You must close and re-launch the Group Manager application after running these commands)

eqlinit restart MgmtExec
eqlinit restart-snap MgmtExec
support eqlinit “restart MgmtExec”

Check the status od the MgmtExec Service
eqlinit status

DOWN and UP ETH Ports … first select the Array that you want to operate on (the example connects to array JERMSMIT-01, then toggles eth0 off and then on again)
member select JERMSMIT-01
eth select 0 down
eth select 0 up

“UNAME” (unsure what this is actually doing…)
uname -a

Restart the Network Management service
eqlinit restart-snap netmgtd

“PSGD Test”
psgd_test -r

“EQL Logger”
eqllogger -r

“Clear Cache” – The clearlostdata command will gather information about the state of this array for support and troubleshooting purposes.

One reply on “Dell Equallogic PS Series – Undocumented Commands”

Please may be you can help me

CLI> su exec ‘raidtool’
You are running a support command, which is normally restricted to PS Series Tec
hnical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from
Technical Support.
Driver Status: *Admin Intervention Requested*
RAID LUN 0 Faulted Beyond Recovery.
14 Drives (12,5,4,6,8,?,f,14,3,10,f,9,1,?)
RAID 50 (64KB sectPerSU)
Capacity 6,913,423,048,704 bytes
Available Drives List: 2,7,11,13
Unavailable Drives:
0 (history of failure)
CLI> setup

ecli> hs
Health Status (0x0000010102000120): RED Conditions:

Any idea to fix … out of warranty ps6010 4 new hard disc how to initialize raid ??

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