Reset Equallogic to Default Settings

While its fresh on / in my mind I will share with you. It was time to reset my Dell, Equallogic Storage Array. I am in the middle of troubleshooting some issues and its for the best. The steps are simple so I will just put them out here. Sorry no frills. To reset the Dell, Equallogic Storage […]

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Dirty Cache – Dell, Equallogic Storage Array

Dirty Cache – Dell, Equallogic Storage Array I hope you never encounter such an issue, but if you found yourself searching for a method to get online you’re in luck. Symptoms: Equallogic Storage Array  no longer responds to pings iSCSI attached volumes have all gone offline Unable to access the Equallogic Storage Array using SAN HQ […]

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Dell Equallogic PS Series – Undocumented Commands

Disclaimer: The following set of commands are used by Internal staff at Dell EqualLogic. These commands are for use only by EqualLogic Technical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from Technical Support Now for the fun commands you’ve been looking for: Launch Support Mode support exec bash To enter a BASH shell […]

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Accessing the bash shell in Equallogic

At times you may need to drop into the shell from console to run commands such as traceroute, ping, etc…  while troubleshooting connectivity issues on an Equallogic. From the main console of the Equallogic you can run the following command to access an OS type level shell. The command is as follows: su exec bash […]