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Importing Virtual Machine Templates: vCenter

In most cases, only system administrators can import virtual machines from vCenter

To import a virtual machine template from vCenter

In the left pane, select VM Templates.

Click Import VM Template.

Type a name.

(Optional) Type a description.

Select vCenter and select a virtual machine that is not managed by Lab Manager.

Click Next.

(Optional) Deselect the Perform customization check box if you do not want Lab Manager to customize the network settings for the virtual machine template or virtual machines based on the virtual machine template.

Specify the networking information for each NIC in the imported virtual machine template:

Select the Connected check box.
Choose a default virtual or physical network.
Choose a default IP addressing mode.

Select a storage lease.

Select a deployment lease.

Select the datastore to which you want to import the virtual machine template.

Select whether to copy or move the source virtual machine template.

If you copy the virtual machine template, it continues to exist in the original location, but if you move the virtual machine template, it will not exist in this location.

Click Import and then you wait…

Lab Manager imports the virtual machine template into the current organization and displays it on the VM Templates page.