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Raspbian Wheezy armhf Rasp~ Pi minimal image

Hi friends, Hi to myself in the future.

Here is a updated Raspberry Pi minimal image. This one is compiled with hard float support; hardware instead of software emulation.


A minimal Raspbian Wheezy installation (similar to a netinstall)
Hard Float binaries: floating point operations are done in hardware instead of
A disabled incremental updates, means apt-get update is much faster
Latest raspberry pi patches
Latest version of the firmware(s) | for usb video and usb wireless support
Lower GPU RAM usage (32MB) by default | I run headless
224MB of ram are available to the system
A very tiny image: even with a 2GB SD there is a lot of free space
SSH Installed and starts by default
The clock is automatically updated using ntp
Yes! IPv6 support

Link to download this custom updated image: raspbian_wheezy_armhf_jermsmit_20120815.7z

The root password is: jermsmit

–More Info–

I have 2 images in the 7zip archive; one containing the rootfs and the other containing the boot partition. I have it setup this way because I boot with the SD card 1GB (only need 16MB) and a USB Drive 2GB is all you need, but you can use larger