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Release DHCP lease on Verizon FiOS

FIOS DHCP leases are MAC bound between the router and the ONT. When swapping routers, it is imperative to release your DHCP lease, otherwise, the new router may not be able to obtain a DHCP lease.

There are several ways to release your DHCP lease:

Via router GUI. Verizon routers provide this function. Some, but not all, third party routers also provide this function.

Power off router for two hours. Verizon’s standard DHCP lease interval is 2 hours. When the existing DHCP lease has expired, the new router should be able to obtain a new DHCP lease.

Clone the MAC address of the old router to the new router.


To release DHCP lease on the Actiontec or Westell router:


Actiontec MI424-WR

Click on MY NETWORK icon at the top.
Select NETWORK CONNECTIONS from the menu on the left.
Select BROADBAND CONNECTION (coax or ethernet) depending on your connection to the ONT.
Disconnect the router to prevent it from re-requesting a DHCP lease.


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